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The one with a little less lurking and a little more posting [Feb. 5th, 2007|02:12 pm]
Haven't been updating much recently. I've been trying to stay on the downlow after a scare i had. But I think i'm either over it or just don't care anymore.

Things are different but they feel the same except for when i think back on them.

School is starting to get overwhelming. Hopefully Spring Break will help me to de-stress.

LD's been good lately. Jenn's bday celebrations were fun.

I don't like going out in the cold.

It's different not waking myself up a billion times a night. Better different, but as of last night I think I may go back to waking up all the time.

I'm SOOO sad that Shila's gonna be working at a different Tim Hortons now. Since she's gone now, we won't have a manager, so I'm getting trained to do all that stuff. Doing money/bank deposits/paperwork stuff is gonna stress me out. Boo for more responsibility, but it's nice that they wanna promote me ...not that I'll actually be called a manager, they'll just make me do all the work of a manager. hmmm. i'm still gonna have to bake and get up super early, now I just get to stay later. sigh. we'll see how it goes.

I don't know what I'd do without Margaret.

I spend WAY too much time on Facebook. and MSN. and staring blankly at my homework. and watching TV.

i cut up an apple and now i'm eating it in the comp lab. i'm pretty sure that's not allowed.

In 2 days I'll be 21.